Archives Week and ASIS&T 2018 in Vancouver

Vancouver Independent Archives Week and the ASIS&T conference serendipitously overlap in Vancouver this year. Unfortunately, I have already missed a lot of the archives week programming, but there will be documentation and reflections posted on their excellent website over the coming months that I plan to dig in to.

While I am in Vancouver, I am honoured to be talking about artist-run centre archives and the PAVED Arts digital archive project at the ASIS&T conference on Monday, Nov. 12th 2018. I will be part of a panel about Everyday Documentation of Arts and Humanities Collections with Crystal Fulton from UC Dublin, Tim Gorichanaz from Drexel, Amy Jackson from U New Mexico, Kathryn La Barre and Carole Tilley from U Illinois Urbana-Champaign, John Walsh from Indiana University Bloomington, and Ann Marie Graf from Simmons University. It’s a large panel full of interesting projects and I think we are going to have a lot to talk about.

SIG-AH panel Announcement

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Shannon Lucky

I am an IT Librarian at the University of Saskatchewan in beautiful Saskatoon with an interest in digital humanities and digital archiving. I am also a photographic artist and interested in online culture, how the internet and digital communications are changing the way artists work and manage their careers, and the ways that digital technology can be used to study and understand the visual and performing arts.

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