CAIS 2019 at Congress and Independent Archives Week event, Vancouver BC

I am thrilled to find myself back in Vancouver this week presenting at The Canadian Association of Information Science (CAIS) at the Congress of the Humanities. There is never a bad time to visit Vancouver, but it is a particularly rewarding trip this year because I have been fortunate to be recognized by CAIS with the 2019 Best Practitioner Paper award. On June 3rd, I talked about the ongoing community-engaged digital archive project with the University of Saskatchewan Library and PAVED Arts and specifically about the metadata conversations and collaboration building we have been doing over the past year. Slides and notes from my talk are available online in HARVEST, the U Sask Library’s institutional repository ( Conference proceedings are forthcoming and I will update the conference presentations page when they are available.

Congress also serendipitously overlapped with a Vancouver Independent Archives Week event at VIVO Media Arts Centre on Saturday night. The Trans Archival Futures screening and talk with Chase Joynt and Chris Vargas was a wonderful way to set the stage for three days of academic conference meetings. Hearing about how archives work to reveal, conceal, or erase trans lives and historical events was an emotional reminder about the importance of doing ethical information work. It was also a real pleasure to get to visit the wonderful VIVO space and I am looking forward to visiting grunt gallery and a few other artist-run centres and museums while I am here.

Archives Week and ASIS&T 2018 in Vancouver

Vancouver Independent Archives Week and the ASIS&T conference serendipitously overlap in Vancouver this year. Unfortunately, I have already missed a lot of the archives week programming, but there will be documentation and reflections posted on their excellent website over the coming months that I plan to dig in to.

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